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Caring for one horse can be expensive.  Caring for several, especially ones with special needs, takes not only money but time.  Donations of money, supplies or time are always appreciated.  Sponsorships are also available.   

We are always grateful for monetary donations. We also accept supplies as donations. Remember, all of the $$$ goes directly for the animals.  You can mail your donation to:

America’s Equine Sanctuary

270 Old Postal Rd.

Denton NC 27239



For those interested in donating supplies or equipment, we can always use the following items:

• Halters and lead ropes

• Grooming supplies - i.e. mane detangle spray or gel, brushes, etc.

• Water buckets and feed pans

• De-wormers – Ivermectin , Strongid

• Fly spray -  

• Salt blocks

• Medical supplies (wound ointments, surgical scrub, rolled cotton and vet wrap)

• Feed (10% pellets or sweet feed, alfalfa cubes, carrots, and horse treats)


Volunteers are always needed at the farm to help with the horses. There are many ways that you can help our equine.  We accept volunteers under the age of 18 with parental consent. We do not provide transportation.  Usually, volunteers come out at pre-arranged times There is a Waiver of Liability that must be signed.  All riding is done by professionals who train and retrain the horses before they are placed.  Work includes mucking stalls; dumping and cleaning water buckets and troughs; grooming, feeding them treats and making them feel special again. For the more skilled and adventurous types we need help with fencing and barn renovations.

Sponsoring a horse is also a great way to help.  A monthly donation of $30 per month offsets the cost of caring a horse, donkey, pony or mule that will remain at the Sanctuary for the rest of his/her life.  We will send you a picture and the story of the equine you sponsor.  You may choose one or we can choose for you.


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