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Stories of the horses and other equine

Miss Gertrude, also known as Gerdy, is an aged riding mule.  She and her pasture mate, Danny Boy, were placed in the sanctuary by their owner who could no longer care for them.  Gerdy loves carrots.  A $2 donation provides a whole bag just for her!

Danny Boy was placed in the sanctuary (April 2011) with Miss Gertrude when their owner could no longer care for them.  Danny Boy, a chestnut quarter horse that spent many weekends on trail rides, brought much joy to his owner.  


Frank, a BLM burro, has been used for pony rides and has had starring roles as the donkey on which Mary rode and as the donkey on which Jesus rode for reenactments at local churches.  However he spends most of his time hanging out and being a companion to Stormy.  Purchased in 2003 to help with the coyote problem, he is a permanent resident and available for sponsorship.


Ima Gem has been with us since October 1999 and is a permanent resident.  Gemís former owner was unable to properly care for her horses so they were placed in the sanctuary for retraining and rehoming.  Gem became so bonded with Greystar and Dottie, permanent residents, the decision was made to leave her here.



Dottie, (registered name Baby Seven Socks), is the oldest resident and has been a show horse, a pleasure horse, broodmare and lesson horse.  Now she spends her days grazing in the pasture along with her friends, Greystar and Gem.


Molly, a Percheron mare, was a PMU mare and had several owners since she left the PMU farm.  Her former owner, Hannah, found Molly starved and abused at a farm in South Carolina.  Thanks to Hannahís loving care, Molly has regained her health and was placed here to live out her remaining years in peace and comfort.


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