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In 1986 a local farmer, familiar with our 200 acre full service equestrian facility in Virginia, called the stable and said that he was going to shoot the Shetland pony living with his cows because she was eating all of the cows’ food. However if I wanted her I could have her. I told him I would come as quickly as possible. So Penny, a red and white pinto pony, came to live on our farm for many years.

Since that time we have always made room for one or two horses that needed a home. Some organizations dedicate their resources for the rescue of abused and neglected horses. Our focus is to provide a home for a horse, pony, donkey or mule that is unwanted for any reason. Our goals are to prevent the neglect or abuse of any equine, to offer educational programs to the community, and to provide shelter, rehabilitation and adoption for those animals in need of our services. Our residents are retired show horses, victims of foreclosure or abandoned/abused/neglected equine. Some have health issues or had owners who could no longer care for the horse. Some are available for adoption and others live out their lives as permanent residents of the sanctuary.

After many years of caring for these equine privately, we have decided to form a not-for-profit sanctuary called America’s Equine Sanctuary at Blue Shadow Farm which is located in central North Carolina. There are many ways you can help. See our donation page for more information. If you know of an equine needing a new home please call or email. To ensure quality care spaces are limited. Visitors are welcomed but an appointment is required.



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